My Policeman book PDF Download

My Policeman book PDF Download

My Policeman full ebook PDF free download online Google drive link - My Policeman epub free download

"My Policeman", a gut wrenching, tragic story of three wasted life, confessions and regret with a backdrop of love, betrayal, cowardice and a so called social disgrace in form of Homophobia. Set in 1950s Brighton It's a story about Tom, Marion and Patrick which soon will be adapted into a major motion film starring Harry Styles, David Dawson and Emma Corrin in lead roles.
I instantly became a fan of her writing style, gripping, relatable and funny with an undertone of regret. My first impression was It's so damn relatable. Confession of first love, noticing someone in a different way,an urge to get know that person, spending time together. Doing silly staff like scribbling name and writing page after page about your feelings and a secretive gesture to hide it from the world yet racing in you head to tell everyone about your crush. Such a pleasant dilemma. Been there, experienced that. Somethings are Universal I guess. I saw a hazy image me in Marion, I saw a part of me in Patrick also. For me it was like moulding myself in a fictional environment, living their life, suffering the vulnerability, anguish, self loathing and wrath. Yet each time I encountered the endearment "My Policeman" i was smitten into the story, into their life. Small moments leading to an unspeakable suffering. My policeman is my own death.

Ik many readers did not appreciate the unconventional unique approach but for it totally worked. Some said they felt betrayed as we did not get Tom's pov but frankly that was the charm of it. I liked the idea of leaving it for reader's imagination that way his story resonates with us even more. Some said author kinda turned it into a misery porn, I Don't agree with that either. I see pure reality at It's core. And the sheer accuracy in picturing Brighton in 1950s, striking brushstroke to create both colorful and ugly side of society, author Behtan Roberts showed some sincere craftsmanship there which I truly appreciate.
My Policeman book PDF Download

I've never felt perplexed at that extend for any other book. It totally clogged my thinking pattern and the paradoxical situation certainly has no certain way out. So They suffered and ultimately let go. It's an exquisite pain, i Don't mind subjecting myself to, and the ambiguity is the cherry on top! Thoroughly impressed. Highly recommended.
It Doesn't happen to me often, but while reading My Policeman literally every situation reminded me of some famous quotes. sharing some of them with you guys.
🍁 Marion's POV (part 1)

- “When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one's self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.” (Oscar Wilde)

🍁 But there's nothing I can do about all this. I just have to wait for him to come back. That's all I have to do. (Pat's POV ; Chapter 19)

- 'Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow. " (Romeo & Juliet)

🍁 'Aren't you going to draw me?' His normally pink cheeks were pale and his eyes were stony. (Pat's pov : chpt 21)

- draw me like one of your french girls!(titanic)

🍁 'It's just,' I said, moving down to the next but ton and holding it fast, I can't seem to ...' He didn't flinch, or make a sound, so I moved down to the next button: ... stop thinking...' Next button:... about your beauty.' (pat's pov : chpt 24)

- "Oh teach me how should I forget to Think!" (Romeo & Juliet)

🍁 Gently he guided two of my fin gers into his open mouth. His lips so hot on that cold day. He sucked and sucked, making me gasp. He is greedy for me, I know it. Just as greedy as I am for him. (Pat's pov : chpt 24)

- "They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered." (The Great Gatsby)
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