A Ladder to the Sky Pdf Download (epub)

A Ladder to the Sky Pdf Download (epub)

A ladder to the sky pdf free download  Google Drive link - a ladder to the sky epub download 

  • Book : A Ladder To The Sky
  • Author : John Boyne 
  • Rating : 5 star


The summary of the book of a ladder to the sky is a song I remember very well:-

 "A dark and twisted psychological drama, A Ladder to the Sky shows how easy it is to achieve the world if you are prepared to sacrifice your soul." 

a ladder to the sky pdf free download  Google Drive link epub

Two books will haunt me rest of my life! A Little Life and A Ladder To The Sky! One ruined me emotionally, another drove me insane to brutally kill a fictional character!

How Much Self Absorbed A Man Can Get? It Changed my whole perspective of judging and hating People. I'm proud to say Maurice Swift from this book will always be the person (irl or in fiction) I'll hate the most. Hate isn't the word! He is not worth of my hatred. Congratulations John Boyne! You again fucked my standard of morality! Literally Narcissistic, Sociopath, Selfish, beast these all will be a huge understatement for this character. He's evil from the core and that made me uncomfortable but oh boy did I enjoy it? 

Hell yeah!

It wasn't humongous, but I took it slow. 5 and a half days. I enjoyed each word of this book. Dark and nasty side of publishing community and a fictional man I'll hate till death, A LADDER TO THE SKY was just what the title suggest. Fruitless ambition which feeds on your soul, your morality! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

John Boyne is my spirit animal! Man this guy perfectly knows where and how to trigger me! His characterisation is beyond perfect! Back to back Each and every major minor characters are making me Ambivalent! I'm thoroughly confused, shala how should I react? At one point the whole me is overpowered by the irresistible rage and fury and just after one second of that, I'm sobbing for him! What kind of wizardry is that man!

I'm officially announcing John Boyne as my new favourite author!

Final Verdict : 

Uncomfortable read for sure but the way it talks everything also makes it essential. And many references and easter eggs made the journey more pleasant. Not everyone's cup of tea but undoubtedly a masterpiece. I Highly recommend it.

Although I did not understand the meaning of the word for the first time, after reading the book, I got the meaning of it  It is the story of a man blinded by an intense desire to ascend from zero.  It is a book that burns the heart with anger and hatred, taking the reader to the extreme of the swing of morality and immorality.  The main character of the book is Maurice Swift, I don't have the vocabulary to put it in words.  All I can say is that it will not be possible for me to hate any real or literary character more than this.  So don't think that the book is not good, but the reaction is just the opposite.  I actually swallowed the book.  Every word has a mark on my mind.  I have filled in each page by highlighting and writing notes.  Yes, in fact the idea and literature of the book is so high.

 I'm not saying anything about the story in the book.  It is not possible to say without spoiler.  I think this book should have a huge spoiler discussion box.  Lots of people.  Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.  They were put together like a review.  I am giving it below.  You can call it textual feeling, not exactly review.  I have a bad habit, I don't write reviews of my favorite books.  Because I feel them, I don't have the vocabulary to put feelings into words.  So enjoy the feeling of this watery lesson!

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