Goth Novel Otsuichi Pdf Download

Goth Novel Otsuichi Pdf Download

Goth Novel Otsuichi Pdf free Download english version

Book - Goth
Author - Otsuichi
Genre - Mystery / Thriller
Personal rating - 3/5

Goth novel Otsuichi Review and read online

Two young friends, a girl named Morino and a boy whose name isn't mentioned until much later. Both of them are the strangest students in their school.
They are obsessed with crime, serial killers, brutal murders. These friends keep track of such dark things happening in their town to investigate them by themselves later.
No, they don't investigate to catch the criminal to hand him or her to the police. Marino and her friends feel drawn to these criminals. They want to understand how their dark mind works.
One thing leads to another and both of them find themselves amidst the tangles. How far will they go to meet the darkness?

The book has six short stories and they are not your typical dark stories. Young characters with so much darkness and horror aren't something you don't get to read every day.
All of the stories were good and some of them have unexpected twists. However, I didn't feel invested in the stories. Maybe that's because I took a break between reading and ended up taking weeks to finish the book.
If you are looking for something a little different, I recommend you give this book a chance.

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