Princess Princess Ever After free Pdf Download

Princess Princess Ever After free Pdf Download

Book: princess princess ever after

Author: Kay O'Neill

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Hardcover

Content Rating: Ages 7 - 11

Published: September 2016

Format: Pdf Download, Epub

Genre: Comic / Graphic Novel
Personal rating: 4/5
Princess Princess Pdf download by Kay O'Neill

princess princess ever after review /summary:

Here comes another fairy tale retelling we heard of… Rapunzel! Remember her? The long-haired Princess who was locked up in a tall tower by a witch and many princes would come to rescue her but fail?
Well, what if instead of a Prince, Rapunzel was rescued by a Princess? That's exactly what happens in this story.
Princess Amira wants to prove herself and that's why when she hears Princess Sadie's sound coming from the tower, she sets up to rescue her. Then together, Amira and Sadie set out on their new journey.
On their way, they befriend Prince Vladric and the trio carries on their journey. Next, they meet more obstacles, yet they are not ready to give up.

This is a very short book. It has less than 60 pages. And since it is a graphic novel, it took me a few minutes to finish. But the whole time I had fun reading it.
Princess Amira is the kind of bold, dark, and badass type of heroine we need more. My opinion on Sadie (Rapunzel) is neutral. On the other hand, Prince Vladric was the comic part of the story.
Overall it was enjoyable. If you are looking for a short and fun read, go ahead and pick this book. I believe you won't regret it..

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